I’ve been Podcast

Need something to listen to while you fold that mountain of washing Sunday nights? Here’s  me, talking books on the couch with Nikki from In Mum’s Good Books at a funky bookshop fundraiser event – a great podcast and blog that is all things reading. Be sure to follow her here.    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN      

Domestic Noir

Domestic what, you ask?  If you loved Big Little Lies, or Gone Girl, you probably have been reading it without knowing it. A crime sub-genre, on the rise thanks to best-selling phenomenon such as Girl on the Train and Gone Girl, and more recently The Couple Next Door, Domestic Noir tackles the seedy underbelly of life, where supposedly safe settings (marriage, schools, workplaces) become alien, unreliable places where danger lurks in shadows.  It is within these murky depths that people shed their skin, unleash their passions and allow themselves to…