Brisbane writer Kylie Kaden is a self-diagnosed bookworm and chocoholic. Raised in Queensland, she spent holidays camping with her parents and two brothers at the Sunshine Coast, where much of Losing Kate was set. She now lives in Brisbane with her husband and three young sons. As the only female in a house of males, Kylie tops up her sanity by writing whilst her youngest naps (and the washing mounts). She is adamant the next edition to the Kaden household will be Female…and canine.

Kylie graduated with an honours degree in psychology from Queensland University of Technology in 2000, but cites it helps little with meeting the challenges of parenting in the real world. She shares her frazzled experiences as a columnist in My Child magazine, and is a strong advocate for telling it like it is when it comes to the struggles (and joys) of raising kids.

After postgraduate study, Kylie went on to train and manage staff in both the corporate and government arena’s, where she met her lawyer husband at an end of year function (at the pub).  She wrote her debut novel,Losing Kate whilst on maternity leave from an executive role in the Australian Public Service.

Kylie knew writing was in her blood from a young age, using her brother’s Commodore 64 to invent stories as a child. Her current novel took shape as she drank tea at the kitchen table, often with a toddler on her lap and ABC Kids chirping in the background.

Kylie considers being a novelist the best occupation in the world – what other job can you do wearing Ugg boots (that lets you make things up for a living?).

Losing Kate, a Women’s Contemporary Novel will be available early 2014 through Random House Australia.

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