2 Thoughts to “My Child Columns – Confessions of the M.O.B”

  1. Great article Kylie. I have a sticky brood of boys too (love that); and I my lot are on holiday too. The best thing about school holidays for me? I don’t have to think about what goes in a lunch box for two whole, beautiful weeks. And I write in the morning!!
    I’m there for the messy house… and my kids are still in their pyjamas because I’m on Facebook & reading your great article!

    Lily M

  2. admin

    Thanks Lily! I think I wrote this article after a couple of weeks where my husband was conspicuous by his absence (surfing in the Maldives, poor thing) and I was feeling particularly outnumbered (hence the tone of desperation!), but I too enjoy many things about the hols. We had a great break this time – slurping ice-blocks in the backyard pool, serial UNO, no agendas, and no arguments over why someone hasn’t put their shoes on yet! I will enjoy some one-on-one time with my 2yo tomorrow though 🙂

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