A Campervan with kids. Craze, or Crazy?


If you’d rather poke sticks in your eyes than change a Portaloo cassette, campervanning with kids is unlikely to float your boat. But if you like flexibility (from toilet breaks to departure times) and you’re keen to temporarily shed the superfluous – a road-tripping holiday may be your ticket to a cost-effective way to travel.

The Advantages:

• Think snail – your home is always with you. Unpack once and immediately have that settled feeling. No more sippy cups or phone chargers left in hotels. No more ‘first night frenzy’ trying to get buzzed kids down in unfamiliar beds.
• Greater control – things don’t always go to plan when you add The Kid Factor – independent travel allows you to stop, pee, sleep and eat on demand, reducing the likelihood of ugly scenes.
• More space than airline luggage – bring the trike! (Still try to pack light as you may curse the non-essentials when you trip over them each morning).
• Cost effective – off-season campervan hire is often no dearer than renting a standard sedan yet supplies free accommodation – and self-catering is a great way to reduce spending.
• The Vanner’s club – feel the friendliness of the (not so) secret campers club as you’re now a member. Don’t forget to wave! Read more…

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