“A rich evocative read that kept me riveted right to the end. Losing Kate is a stunning debut and I look forward to reading many more stories from this wonderful new writer.”      Multi-Award Winning Author: Helene Young

‘A tale that explores mystery, friendship and love, written in a beautiful and flowing style’ Gold Coast Bulletin

“This fantastic debut shifts back and forth between present and past, easing out the suspense at a masterful clip. With a great ear for dialogue, and a crackling sense of humor, author Kylie Kaden makes you care deeply for her troubled protagonists.” iBook Editor’s Notes  – #1 Fiction April 2014 .

“From the first few pages, I was absolutely hooked. For anyone searching for the next can’t-put-down, recommend-to-all-your-friends book, look no further than Losing Kate.” My Child Magazine Australia.

“There is no ‘telling’ in this story. It unfolds. It’s a truly beautiful and very well written story. Loved it! I’m on board the Kylie Kaden fanclub and highly recommend all readers to high tail out and get yourself a copy”  Rosalie,  Australian Romance Readers Association.

“An absorbing contemporary story of secrets, betrayal, love and redemption… a gripping novel of suspense, drama and romance. An impressive debut, I really enjoyed Losing Kate.”     Book’d Out

 Chapter 1   Losing Kate             Chapter 1   Missing You



“If you like your mysteries and sexual tension sultry and well crafted, Losing Kate is a book you should read.”  Samstillreading

“…everything in the pages between is wonderful writing from a fresh new voice in Australian fiction”  Contemporary Romance Author Lily Malone

“I just can’t get enough of it.”  Goodnight Carolina

“The connection between Frankie and Jack is electric. The more that I read of Losing Kate, the harder it was to believe that this is Kylie’s debut release. As I stated on Goodreads, shortly after reading it, Kaden writes with a voice that belies her newcomer status. This was so beautifully written and I cannot wait to read more from this fabulous new Australian author.” Roz – My Written Romance

“Kylie Kaden has rightfully gained a place on my bookshelf with this knock-out debut interweaving love and jealousy, loss and redemption, while also exploring those carefree, hazy, lazy summer days of our childhood. Five out of five.”  Book Muster Down Under

“For a first novel this is a sensational read. It had me from the first chapter and I never lost interest. It is beautifully written with some amusing Aussie slang thrown in. I’m definitely waiting for the next book from this new Australian author.”  Goodreads – Sharryn’s Reviews

“This is quite an incredible story and for a “first time” author quite remarkable…The whole saga makes for an amazing read and nail biting mystery complete with an incredible twist in the final pages…The entire process of travelling from the past to the present is seemless and professionally handled. A great story to acquaint yourself with and one I have no hesitation in recommending.”   Mick Gillies

“What a great story! A debut from Aussie author Kylie Kaden, I feel confident in saying she is here to stay. The mystery was well done with an authentic twist at the end, also the moving from past to current day worked really well. I have no hesitation in recommending this novel highly.”       Brenda1

“Kaden’s romance is a solid debut, with convincing tension in the mystery great sense of place, and an engaging voice. One to watch!”  Lauredhel

“I don’t know how to begin this review. This book was compelling, mesmerising, I couldn’t put it down and I totally felt for Francesca (for Fray/Frankie), Jack and even Kate… I will certainly look for the authors next offering.”  Marlin1










18 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Nicki Ford

    I have just finished reading Losing Kate – I could not put it down. What a great book. Can’t wait to see what Kylie writes next.

  2. Maureen Curry

    Hi Kylie
    Lovely to meet you at last weekend’s RWA Conference. Best wishes for another wonderful book.
    PS Your website looks terrific!

  3. jude

    Have just finished your book Loosing Kate…just loved it from beginning to end. As a New Zealander and with many Australian friends I could relate to the humour and behavior and life style making this a memorable book. I look forward to reading more from you


  4. Jo Kelly

    Down to earth, compelling with a twist, romantic read which kept my eyes riveted for the day until I finished the book. From down the road and over the hill literally, thanks for that, I loved every minute, Jo

  5. errol bishop

    Losing Kate appealed in so many ways. Your characters were so believable.

    I empathised with both Jack and Fray in different parts of the plot.

    These days I look for books by Australian authors. There are so many good ones out there.

    Congratulations Kylie

  6. Simone Milne

    Losing Kate and Missing were brilliant Kylie- congratulations. I couldn’t put them down. You have got me back into reading after years of not reading! Enjoyed the familiarity of the settings and some of the characters.. almost felt like I knew some of them! Cleverly written, with intriguing suspense. Looking forward to your next publication, Simone M.

    1. Kylie Kaden Post author

      That means a lot to me Simone! You’ve made my day. There are plenty of great books out there so please don’t fall off the reading-wagon again!! Thanks for passing this on, Cheers, Kylie

  7. Claudia

    Just finished reading ‘missing you’ after just 3 days! Best book I’ve read in a while! As soon as I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. Look forward to reading your other book ‘losing kate’ and hope there will be a third book soon

    1. Kylie Kaden Post author

      Hi Claudia, so nice to hear. Thanks for letting me know. There is a third book in the wind, so be on the look out next year 🙂 Have a great day, Kylie

  8. Mary Macfarlan

    Dear Kylie, have just finished Losing Kate. I loved it, what a terrific read. I have Missing You next to read. I love that you’ve used elements of your life in your writing and I especially love that you’ve used your own boys as Small Medium and Large. Best of all, you’re an Aussie, it doesn’t get better than that! I live in Western Australia. Will keep a look out for more from you. 💐


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