Missing You

‘Our lives were built around the strength of a kiss between strangers. Yet seven years on, look where it led us . . .’


When Aisha met Ryan she fell hard for his good looks and easy charm. Why worry that he didn’t want children or a 9 to 5 job? Nothing and no one would come between them.

But with the birth of their high-needs son, Eli, their extraordinary love is shackled into an ordinary life, their passion blunted by responsibility.

Until Ryan can’t take it anymore.

Now, following a mysterious phone call late one night, Aisha leaves four-year-old Eli in the care of her elderly father Patrick – and doesn’t come back.

As Patrick struggles with the grandson he barely knows or understands, his frustration with his missing daughter and absent son-in-law quickly turns to fear.

Particularly when blood is found in Aisha’s abandoned car . . .

Missing You is a tantalising love story and a seductive suspense novel from the author of Losing Kate


“A layered, absorbing tale of love and suspense.”  Book’d Out

The first thing you must know: I loved Missing You so much I read it in a night...Missing You is a fabulous second novel from Kaden and I cannot wait to see what she does next.Debbishdotcom

I was blown away by this, Brisbane-based author Kylie Kaden’s second novel. After reading her debut novel, Losing Kate, last year, I didn’t think she could get any better. Boy was I in for a surprise…Cleverly constructed, captivatingly written and, at times poignant, I found it difficult to put this novel down and read it within a day. Just like Aisha and Ryan got under each other’s skin, I have no doubt that this book will creep under yours! Highly recommended.” BookMusterDownUnder


‘Missing You had me hooked, desperate to find out what happened to Aisha’  Nicolehasread

‘I seriously loved this book…I’ve always had a fascination with twins, however, and when we were introduced to his brother, Luke, I was completely hooked.  The clever plot is revealed in layers, and I loved the way the most ordinary conversations and situations were suddenly sinister as the story unfolded. Kaden makes some very intelligent observations (again, especially with Patrick, I found) and her handling of showing the good and bad aspects of mental health seems effortless.’  Lee – Goodreads Reviewer 

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Missing You


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  2. Sue Penrose

    Just finished Missing You – WOW is all I can say – the most talented author I’ve read (and I read A LOT of books)


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