Links to Parenting Columns

If you like a dose of reality when it comes to parenting, here are links to my latest My Child Magazine columns  (with permission from my editor, thanks!).

Before I Was a ParentMy ChildMC29-Cover-MRHigh Anxiety By Kylie Kaden Columnist at My Child Magazine

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog’s Tails.  (Is having boys really something to pity?)

High Anxiety

Before I was a parent

Confessions of the Mother Of Boys

The Age of Outsourcing: Is modern parenting easier?

Christmas. With Children….

Judgement: with a side of peas.

Fit Your Mask First Before Helping Infants

Mean Mum

I’m no expert. The wheels fall off in my bustling house of five daily, but I hope that my honest tales of family life might just make a few fellow parents feel less alone in the daily grind.



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