Being a Mother Of Boys….

Oh Boy.

However they get here – whether by surprise, eight IVF attempts, through the existing exit, or a newly carved one, they change your life. For better. For worse. And there is no refunds or returns.

The first one made you a parent. The second, a family. And for those that kept going – welcome to the MOB. Whether they’re all girls, all boys, or a neat mix of both – parenting is never easy. But some kids, and some combinations, have a unique set of challenges.

This post thread is all about those of us blessed with Boys. One, three, thirteen…. they have a distinct temperament, a certain swagger about them that is unique. They are all about argy-bargy, noise and fun. In some ways, they are easier (wardrobe choice and hair styling for example). Yet in others, a sticky brood of boys can challenge the most dedicated mum.

I intend to blog about the good, the bad, and the ugly of raising boys – a survival guide for the downtrodden, a pick me up for the helpless, and a lesson that there are other mums out there that are outnumbered by the male variety offspring.

It can be tough being the only one that pee’s sitting down in a household of hoses.  I have three of them, aged 1, 6 and 7.  My toilet usually smells like a urinal. My carpet is full of concealed Lego mines. My computer is usually on creative mode in a Minecraft world. I know ever element in Skylanders. I am a MOB.

If you are too, either recently, or a veteran, one or a dozen times over – welcome to the (not so) exclusive club!

Let me know your Mum of Boys experiences!

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