Australia Day 2016


I’m feeling patriotic this year. So here’s what Australia is, to me:

School breaks that stretched forever, days filled with monopoly marathons, fighting for the front seat and inventing stupid ways to avoid the swelter.

Days lost pestering soldier-crabs running ink-blue stains across the beach. It’s about sand in your sheets and suncream in your nails, riding your bike as far as daylight allowed (to be home before the streetlights flickered).

It’s the joy of eating king prawns sandwiched between fresh white bread, the art of licking mango juice dripping between your fingers, sneaking to the sleep-out come dishes time to avoid your turn.

It’s days spent lying in the spinifex with an always-damp towel and library book, bolting across tacky bitumen to line for hot chips with chicken salt.

Australia is eternally sunburn shoulders stinging in the shower, bagsing bbq’s for sunset sausage fry-ups listening to a chorus of cicadas.

It’s about making memories with those you love, being who you want to be, and not taking yourself, or life too seriously.

I hope you’re soaking up the sun somewhere special today, making new memories, feeling grateful to be here. Because I sure am.

Happy Australia Day!Australia Day Book Giveaway.

Book Giveaway!

To celebrate, I have one signed copy of either Losing Kate or Missing You (both set in Queensland) up for grabs for one lucky Aussie Resident.

cropped-LosingKate_MissingYou_FacebookImage_1200x628.jpgThe competition opens 24th Jan and closes Midnight Wed 27th January 2016. (I won’t make you sell your soul to enter – just add a blog comment.)  Here’s the link to leave your entry:  COMPETITION CLOSED

The winner will be chosen via and notified by the email address you provide by next weekend (your email will not be used for any other purpose).

Jean B is our lucky random winner! Congratulations! I have emailed you regarding your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered and for your lovely comments. 

There’s a lot to love about our country – including the plethora of Aussie authors who exploit the great landscapes we share for their literary pursuits. Find many of them (including dozens more Australian Books up for grabs) here on this blog hop!

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28 thoughts on “Australia Day 2016

    1. Kylie Kaden Post author

      Right back at you Miss Malone. I thought of you listening to the countdown (I don’t know half the Triple J tunes now! Feeling very out-of-touch. It used to be a highlight but now it just makes me feel old!) I will work on that new books thing….

  1. Amy

    Your post made me feel so patriotic! There is so much to love about this place and I think we sometimes forget the little things that make us great but you captured so many. Have a great Australia Day on Tuesday!

    1. Kylie Kaden Post author

      Hi Wendy. Lovely to hear! Missing You is also set in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast (I am just too timepoor to research, really so go with what I know!) It is a pretty good setting to be stuck with though. Best of luck!

  2. Nicole

    I missed chicken salt so much when I was in England! When an Oporto opened up at the local Westfield (still a 45 minute drive away – but worth it) I’d always have their chips and ask for extra chicken salt.

    You paint a lovely picture of life 🙂

    1. Kylie Kaden Post author

      Chicken salt….mmmm. They do the vinegar and salt thing over there don”t they Nicole? I’ll stick with Chicken Salt (it is probably half MSG but yum!). Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Tien

    Happy Australia Day!

    It’s a bit sad though that this year’s forecast is not full of sunshine! It’s just WRONG! In any case, won’t stop us from a bbq 😉

    Thanks for the giveaway

  4. Sue Gerhardt Griffiths

    Hi Kylie, great post! Loved your book Losing Kate, it had me from the first page till the last. Looking forward to reading Missing You.
    Hubby and I are putting on a bbq tonight for our daughter, her husband and my parents, all the work for it was done this morning so now I have a bit of time to relax and do some more Australia Day blog hopping.

    I look forward to Australia Day every year, it gives me a warm tingle, it’s such a precious day!

    Happy Aussie Day, Kylie!

    Hope it’s ok to comment here, I have no idea how to use this Rafflecopter thingy.

    1. Kylie Kaden Post author

      So lovely to hear Sue! Hope you saw some sunshine! We were down at Burleigh Heads and they were bagsing their beach possies at 6am! Hope they brought their brollies 🙂

    2. Kylie Kaden Post author

      Thanks Sue – and I will be sure to add your entry into the list! Not sure why I thought I needed that Rafflecopter thingy. Will keep it simple next time! Good luck!


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