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Kylie Kaden is an Australian Women's Fiction Author and Magazine Columnist. Losing Kate, my debut novel about the mysterious disappearance of a girl was published in April 2014 through Random House Australia. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and three young sons. Her second novel, Missing You, is set to release in April 2015.


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How did I get Published?

Is Writing Your Dream? It can be a long, lonely slog, this writing caper. That’s why books like this anthology from Serenity Press are so valuable in keeping your mojo, and therefore your muse, happy. Writing The Dream is out now: No two writers are the same, but they have one thing in common: they […]

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Be yourself – everyone else is taken.

The Power of Imperfection The Odd Bunch, it says on the pack. But what they are, in fact, (along with clever marketing) is the anomalies of the carrot industry, bagged up and sold cheap: the equal opportunity of the vegetable world – ensuring even the bumpiest, lumpiest, stumpiest tap roots can still dream of becoming […]

Working From Home – With Children?

I make things up for a living – in Ugg boots. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it?  Living the writer’s dream – to be your own boss, float from book tour to launch party with the flexibility to schedule work around family commitments… And that’s where things come unstuck: the ‘work-around’ and ‘family’ bit. Like the […]

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Diagnosis: Spirited

I have what they politely call ‘spirited’ children. You know the ones: the type checkout operators suddenly open extra lanes for, that you hear coming before they arrive. Children that, while others sip babycinos on their mother’s laps, are hell-bent trying to pull apart the fire-extinguisher. While my boys are generally well mannered, kind natured […]

Australia Day 2016

I’m feeling patriotic this year. So here’s what Australia is, to me: School breaks that stretched forever, days filled with monopoly marathons, fighting for the front seat and inventing stupid ways to avoid the swelter. Days lost pestering soldier-crabs running ink-blue stains across the beach. It’s about sand in your sheets and suncream in your […]

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USQ Bookcase 2015: Mainstream Publishing 101

Main stage USQ Toowoomba – Sat 18th July 2015 Meet the Author Interview with the inspirational Dr Janice Jones. Thanks for making me feel like a rockstar Team Alumni USQ! So lovely to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. For those that missed the workshop on my road from slush-pile to shelf, […]

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The Finish Line; A published Book. But will it change me or the way I write?

Most writers spend months (years?) wondering if their little story has enough gumption for the big bad world, and I was no different. But my secrets out. It has happened – my final  copies of Losing Kate have arrived – with much fanfare (our dog bailing up the courier, and my three boys running naked […]

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More Than You Ever Needed To Know On How I Write

The Elusive Writing Process. Contemporary Romance Author Lily Malone: queen of the simile, master of the detail, has kindly tagged me to answer some questions on How I Write. And well, after stroking my ego by saying nice things about me on her blog again, I couldn’t refuse. (That’s not entirely true – who can […]