Children are our stories

While staring at that pesky blinking cursor, waiting for my muse to arrive so I could start this blog, I received a lovely email from a reader asking when my third ‘book baby’ is due. I’d heard the term before—seen memes likening finishing a novel to giving birth. Books and babies; both represent the best parts of my day. I’ve done both three times and I’m not sure I’m on board with the metaphor. Would that, by extension, make publishers the book’s midwife, and publicists the nanny … making sure…

I’ve been Podcast

Need something to listen to while you fold that mountain of washing Sunday nights? Here’s  me, talking books on the couch with Nikki from In Mum’s Good Books at a funky bookshop fundraiser event – a great podcast and blog that is all things reading. Be sure to follow her here.    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN